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Table 2 Time to positive signal from retrospectively analysed blood cultures containing gram-positive cocci

From: Rapid identification of pneumococci, enterococci, beta-haemolytic streptococci and S. aureusfrom positive blood cultures enabling early reports

  Cut-off Sensitivity (%) Specificity (%) Positive predictive value (%) Negative predictive value (%)
S. aureus vs. CoNS, cut off time points ≤7 h 9 100 100 63
≤23 h 86 59 58 87
β-haemolytic, pneumococci and enterococci vs. viridians group ≤6 h 9 100 100 14
  ≤21 h 94 50 94 50
  1. Consecutive patient blood cultures (n = 360) from a 3 month period were analysed according to time to positive signal (incubation time until positive growth signal), using cut-off time points suggested by Martínez et al. [16] with the modification that enterococci were included in the fast-growing group of streptococci. This analysis was performed in order to evaluate the utility of time to positive signal in the identification process.