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Table 3 Quality assessment of observational studies of oral antibiotic therapy in infective endocarditis

From: Oral antibiotic therapy for the treatment of infective endocarditis: a systematic review

  Establishes uniform process for patient enrolment Provides r case-definition for infective endocarditis Provides criteria for inclusion and exclusion Provides comparative information for eligible patients ultimately not enrolled Provides Comparative analysis with a control group All enrolled patients accounted for in the results? It is possible to determine whether the study institutions were referral centers
Colli et al[9] X X
Dworkin et al[10] X X
Chetty et al[11] X X X
Pinchas et al[12] X X X X
Phillips et al[13] X X X X
Gray et al[14] X X X X X
Campeau et al[15] X X X X
Friedberg et al[16] X X X X
Schein et al[17] X X X X X