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Table 2 Comparison of MYCOLOR TK and MGIT system

From: Comparative evaluation of TK SLC-L, a rapid liquid mycobacterial culture medium, with the MGIT system

Working principle Colorimetric Fluorometric
Sample capacity 336 to 2016 (modular) 960
Reading intervals Adjustable (default set every two hours) Once in a hour
Approximated test cost** 1.2-1.9 USD 4,5-7 USD
Approximated susceptibility and typing cost** 7.5-10.0 USD 18-22,5 USD
Shelf life 6-9 months More than 1 year
Storage temperature for culture media 2-8°C Room temperature
Storage temperature for supplements 2-8 C (Supplements included in TK media) 2-8 C
Online access from internet Via epicenter Via epicenter
M. tuberculosis – MOTT differentiation Yes Via extra test
Mycobacteria contamination differentiation Via colorimetric or visual Via turbidity or microscopy
Growth curves; auto-evaluation Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Via epicenter
Alternative visual evaluation without instrument Yes No
  1. *Table was arranged according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. **Approximated test cost, susceptibility and typing cost vary according to annual consumption amounts.