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Table 4 Parents’ reasons for self-medicating children with antibiotics

From: Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of parents in rural China on the use of antibiotics in children: a cross-sectional study

Reasons Central towns no. (%) Villages no. (%) P
1. I thought that my child’s condition was not serious enough 162(56) 131(54) .728
2. Some antibiotics previously prescribed by physicians for the similar symptoms were left over at home. 92(32) 80(33) .718
3. It is convenient to purchase antibiotics from retail pharmacies. 56(19) 30(12) .033
4. I didn’t have enough money to pay for the hospital visit. 32(11) 16(7) .077
5. I didn’t have enough time to visit a pediatrician. 11(4) 7(3) .573