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Table 3 Attitudes about HCV infection prevention in HDU

From: Healthcare workers and prevention of hepatitis C virus transmission: exploring knowledge, attitudes and evidence-based practices in hemodialysis units in Italy

Attitudes Agree% Uncertain% Disagree%
HCWs are at risk of becoming infected with HCV by working in HDU (322) 97.8 0.6 1.6
Wearing gloves does not replace the need of hand washing (320) 91.3 1 8.7
Handwashing between patient contacts reduces the risk of HCV infection (320) 81.6 8.1 10.3
Transmission of bloodborne pathogens among HCWs may be prevented through adoption of evidence-based practices (309) 80 15.2 4.8
HCV can be spread from patient to patient in the HDU (312) 70.8 12.2 17
  1. The number of subjects responding to the questions are in parentheses.
  2. Bold indicates the correct answer.
  3. HCV = hepatitis C virus.
  4. HDU = hemodialysis units.
  5. HBV = hepatitis B virus.
  6. HCWs = healthcare workers.