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Table 1 DENV isolates with NS1 gene sequenced

From: Performance of commercial dengue NS1 ELISA and molecular analysis of NS1 gene of dengue viruses obtained during surveillance in Indonesia

No Sample ID City of origin Serotype GenBank accession no.
1. D1/ID/DPS-B001 Denpasar DENV-1 KF385889
2. D1/ID/DPS-B007 Denpasar DENV-1 KF385890
3. D1/ID/DPS-B015 Denpasar DENV-1 KF385891
4. D1/ID/DPS-B018 Denpasar DENV-1 KF385892
5. D1/ID/JKT-J003 Jakarta DENV-1 KF385887
6. D1/ID/JKT-J007 Jakarta DENV-1 KF385888
7. D1/ID/SMG-SE003 Semarang DENV-1 KF385905
8. D1/ID/SMG-SE058 Semarang DENV-1 KF385906
9. D1/ID/SMG-SE059 Semarang DENV-1 KF385907
10. D1/ID/SUB-0025 Surabaya DENV-1 KF385893
11. D1/ID/SUB-0031 Surabaya DENV-1 KF385894
12. D1/ID/SUB-003A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385895
13. D1/ID/SUB-026A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385896
14. D1/ID/SUB-027A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385897
15. D1/ID/SUB-032A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385898
16. D1/ID/SUB-038A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385899
17. D1/ID/SUB-048A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385900
18. D1/ID/SUB-049A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385901
19. D1/ID/SUB-117A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385902
20. D1/ID/SUB-120A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385903
21. D1/ID/SUB-141A Surabaya DENV-1 KF385904
22. D2/ID/JKT-J002 Jakarta DENV-2 KF385911
23. D2/ID/JKT-J004 Jakarta DENV-2 KF385912
24. D2/ID/MDN-M004 Medan DENV-2 KF385909
25. D2/ID/MDN-M022 Medan DENV-2 KF385910
26. D2/ID/SMG-SE001 Semarang DENV-2 KF385913
27. D2/ID/SUB-0011 Surabaya DENV-2 KF385908
28. D3/ID/DPS-B008 Denpasar DENV-3 KF385923
29. D3/ID/JKT-J013 Jakarta DENV-3 KF385926
30. D3/ID/JKT-J019 Jakarta DENV-3 KF385927
31. D3/ID/JKT-J026 Jakarta DENV-3 KF385928
32. D3/ID/KND-K013 Kendari DENV-3 KF385924
33. D3/ID/MDN-M017 Medan DENV-3 KF385925
34. D3/ID/SMG-SE005 Semarang DENV-3 KF385929
35. D3/ID/SMG-SE052 Semarang DENV-3 KF385930
36. D3/ID/SUB-0006 Surabaya DENV-3 KF385914
37. D3/ID/SUB-0019 Surabaya DENV-3 KF385915
38. D3/ID/SUB-0023 Surabaya DENV-3 KF385916
39. D3/ID/SUB-0024 Surabaya DENV-3 KF385917
40. D3/ID/SUB-0027 Surabaya DENV-3 KF385918
41. D3/ID/SUB-0030 Surabaya DENV-3 KF385919
42. D3/ID/SUB-083A Surabaya DENV-3 KF385920
43. D3/ID/SUB-114A Surabaya DENV-3 KF385921
44. D3/ID/SUB-124A Surabaya DENV-3 KF385922
45. D4/ID/MDN-M010 Medan DENV-4 KF385934
46. D4/ID/SUB-0007 Surabaya DENV-4 KF385931
47. D4/ID/SUB-0029 Surabaya DENV-4 KF385932
48. D4/ID/SUB-0032 Surabaya DENV-4 KF385933