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Figure 1

From: Natural antibody response to Plasmodium falciparum merozoite antigens MSP5, MSP9 and EBA175 is associated to clinical protection in the Brazilian Amazon

Figure 1

Frequency of MSP1 block 2 alleles in Rondônia field isolates. A: RO33 was the most prevalent followed by the K1 allele. The RO33 allele was more prevalent in symptomatic infections while K1 alleles were dominant in asymptomatic samples (Chi-square method, p < 0.03 and p < 0.009, respectively). B: K1A and MAD20A were the most frequent K1 and MAD20 type sequences for both groups. Note that the sum of values is higher than 100% since a number of isolates presented more than one genotype at this locus.

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