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Table 1 List of Genbank numbers

From: Involvement of the opportunistic pathogen Aspergillus tubingensis in osteomyelitis of the maxillary bone: a case report

Name: GenBank number:
A. acidus CBS 564.65 T FJ629280
A. brasiliensis CBS 101740 T FJ629272
A. carbonarius CBS 111.26 T FJ629276
A. costaricaensis CBS 115574 T FJ629277
A. ellipticus CBS 707.79 T FJ629279
A. heteromorphus CBS 117.55 T FJ629284
A. ibericus CBS 121593 T AM419748
A. niger CBS 554.65 T FJ629288
A. piperis CBS 112811 T FJ629303
A. sclerotiicarbonarius CBS 121057 T EU159229
A. sclerotioniger CBS 115572 T FJ629304
A. tubingensis CBS 134.48 T FJ629305
CBS 133792 KC163802
A. vadensis CBS 113365 T FJ629319
  1. List of GenBank numbers of isolates from Aspergillus section Nigri that were used for the Maximum Parsimony tree, including the Aspergillus tubingensis (CBS 133792) strain isolated from the presented patient.