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Table 2 Association of low sodium level (<130 mmol/L) and Legionnaires’ disease in univariate and multivariate logistic regression models

From: Hyponatremia and anti-diuretic hormone in Legionnaires’ disease

Parameter OR (95% CI) p
Univariate model 9.01 (95% CI 4.05, 20.01) <0.001
Legionella (vs other etiology)
Multivariate model* 7.74 (95% CI 3.26, 18.38) <0.001
Legionella (vs other etiology)
Multivariate model including CT-ProVasopressin† 7.53 (95% CI 3.17, 19.90) <0.001
Legionella (vs other etiology)
  1. *adjusted for of age, gender, severity as assessed with the CURB65 score and markers of inflammation (CRP), infection (PCT) and renal function (creatinine).
  2. adjusted for above parameters as a well as CT-ProVasopressin.