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Table 1 Previously reported cases of constrictive pericarditis in Whipple’s disease

From: Constrictive pleuropericarditis: a dominant clinical manifestation in Whipple’s disease

Study Age at Diagnosis, Sex Prodromal symptoms Delay between prodromal stage and pericardial involvement Pericardial histologic results GI Histologic results Pleural effusions Treatment Outcome
Vlietstra RE et al. [12] 63, male Arthralgia, Weight loss 8 years PAS + histiocytes, electron microscopy+ Duodenal: PAS+, electron microscopy+ N/A Tetracycline, pericardiectomy  
Crake et al. [7] 37, male Chest pain, shortness of breath 0 PAS + macropages Duodenal: PAS+ N/A Pericardiectomy, tetracycline Survived
Freychet et al. [11] 61, male Arthralgia, diarrhea Not specified PAS + macrophages; electron microscopy + Jejunal: negative Unilateral N/A N/A
Iqbal et al. [8] 58, male Orthopnea, lymphadenopathy, ascites 0 PAS + macrophages; electron microscopy + Jejunal: PAS + histiocytes Unilateral, transudate Ceftriaxone, tetracycline, pericardiectomy Survived
Makol et al. [9] 56, male Seronegative inflammatory arthritis 20 years PAS + macrophages; T.whipplei PCR+ Jejunal: negative Bilateral Ceftriaxone, Bactrim, pericardiectomy Survived
Sutherland et al. [10] 45, male Anemia, weight loss, lymphadenopathy 6 months N/A Duodenal: PAS+, electron microscopy+ bilateral Ceftriaxone, Bactrim, pericardiectomy Survived