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Table 1 Clinical outcome data of Voriconazole vs. LAmB for use in decision model [3]

From: Pharmacoeconomic evaluation of voriconazole vs. liposomal amphotericin B in empiric treatment of invasive fungal infections in Turkey

Variable Voriconazole LAmB
Fever with no baseline fungal infection 96.87% 98.58%
   Therapeutic success 25.37% 30.05%
   Therapeutic failure 74.63% 69.95%
    Mortality 11.00% 8.59%
    Breakthrough fungal infection 2.67% 7.22%
    Premature discontinuation 13.67% 9.62%
    Persistent fevera 72.67% 74.57%
Fever with baseline fungal infection 3.13% 1.42%
   Therapeutic success 46.15% 66.67%
   Therapeutic failure 53.85% 33.33%
  1. aThe number of patients with persistent fever was determined by subtracting the number of patients that failed therapy due to a reason other than persistent fever from the total number of patients that had therapeutic failure to either voriconazole or LAmB.