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Table 1 Types of infections for which ertapenem was used

From: Evaluation of Ertapenem use with Impact Assessment on Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBL) Production and Gram-Negative resistance in Singapore General Hospital (SGH)

  No. of Cases (%)
Bacteremia 306 (33.8)
Urinary tract infection 337 (37.2)
Intra-abdominal infection 141 (15.6)
Pneumonia 74 (8.2)
Skin and soft tissue infection 145 (16.0)
Others* 64 (7.1)
  1. *Other infections for which ertapenem was used include: line sepsis, osteomyelitis, graft infections, surgical prophylaxis and CNS infections. Patients may have had more than one type of infection for ertapenem use. These infections may or may not be appropriate.for ertapenem use.