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Table 2 Distribution of results with the first singlicate and the second triplicate testing on the 200 whole blood samples stored at +4°C (WB4) and at−20°C (WB20)

From: Stability of unfrozen whole blood DNA for remote genotypic analysis of HIV-1 coreceptor tropism

First singlicate test Second triplicate test No. of cases % of cases
WB4 WB20 WB4 WB20
Positive Positive NA NA 133 66.5
Positive Negative NA Positive 19 9.5
Positive Negative NA Negative 3 1.5
Negative Positive Positive NA 16 8.0
Negative Positive Negative NA 3 1.5
Negative Negative Positive Positive 7 3.5
Negative Negative Positive Negative 3 1.5
Negative Negative Negative Positive 1 0.5
Negative Negative Negative Negative 15 7.5
  1. NA, not applicable (second triplicate test run only on samples which were negative in first singlicate test).