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Figure 4

From: Development of a quantitative rapid diagnostic test for multibacillary leprosy using smart phone technology

Figure 4

PGL-I ELISA and NDO-LID® tests assessed among household contacts (HHC), tuberculosis (TB) patients and healthy endemic control (EC) groups. The number above each data set is the percentage of positive results and the number below each data set represents the total number of participants of each group. A.: IgM PGL-I ELISA test: each point represents the mean value of optical density (OD) of individual serum samples. The median OD value of each group is represented by the horizontal line. The traced horizontal line is the cut-off (OD ≥ 0.250). * = p < 0.05 (HHC-MB versus TB and EC; HHC-PB versus EC). B.: Visual reading of NDO-LID® test scored. C.: NDO-LID® test assessed by Smart Reader® platform: each point represents the Smart Reader® result of an individual serum sample. The horizontal line represents the median of the Smart Reader® reading for each group and the traced horizontal line is the cut-off (≥ 10).

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