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Figure 4

From: Biofilm formation by clinical isolates and the implications in chronic infections

Figure 4

Biofilm formation is associated with the site of isolation. A) Distribution of biofilm-forming strains among fluid or non-fluid culture source. Bars are representative of % biofilm positive strains. Statistical analysis was performed using the X 2 test. B) Comparison of biofilm biomass (CV570) from clinical isolates collected from various anatomical sites, including urine (n=27), blood (n=45), tissue deep (n=82), tissue superficial (n=31), bone (n=8) and respiratory sites (n=12), as determined by the microtiter plate assay. Data points represent the average biofilm biomass of individual isolates tested from each anatomical site and line bar represents the median biofilm biomass of the group. One-Way ANOVA analysis with Holm-Sidak comparison test was used to determine statistical differences between groups. Asterisks indicate those groups that were statistically significant; *p<0.05.

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