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Table 1 Comparison of phenotypic and genotypic identification of yeasts obtained from positive blood culture bottles

From: A quick and low-cost PCR-based assay for Candidaspp. identification in positive blood culture bottles

Phenotypic identification Genotypic identification
Species Number of Species Number of
  identified   identified
  samples   samples
C. albicans 41 C. albicans 40
   C. albicans + C. glabrata 1
C. glabrata 28 C. glabrata 28
C. guilliermondii 4 Meyerozyma guilliermondii 2
   Clavispora lusitaniae 1
   C. intermedia 1
C. krusei 15 Issatchenkia orientalis 15
C. lusitaniae 1 Clavispora lusitaniae 1
C. norvegensis 1 Pichia norvegensis 1
C. parapsilosis (sensu lato) 34 C. parapsilosis (sensu stricto) 27
   C. orthopsilosis 7
C. pelliculosa 1 C. haemulonii 1
C. tropicalis 26 C. tropicalis 26
C. glabrata + C. albicans 1 C. albicans 1
Total 152   152
  1. Issatchenkia orientalis: teleomorph of C. krusei; Clavispora lusitaniae: teleomorph of C. lusitaniae; Meyerozyma guilliermondii: teleomorph of C. guilliermondii; Pichia norvegensis: teleomorph of C. norvegensis.