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Table 4 List of known pathogens from cultured samples or confirmed pathogens from clinical samples that were successfully detected by EOPM

From: An easy operating pathogen microarray (EOPM) platform for rapid screening of vertebrate pathogens

Species Genus Description
Sindbis virus Alphavirus Positive stranded RNA virus
Dengue virus Flavivirus Positive stranded RNA virus
Human immunodeficiency virus Lentivirus Positive stranded RNA virus
Entervirus 71 Enterovirus Positive stranded RNA virus
Rubella virus Rubivirus Positive stranded RNA virus
Human parainfluenza virus Respirovirus Negative stranded RNA virus
Influenza B virus Orthomyxovirus Negative stranded RNA virus
Rotavirus A Rotavirus Double stranded RNA
Mammalian orthoreovirus Orthoreovirus Double stranded RNA
Human adenovirus Mastadenovirus Double stranded DNA virus
Group B streptococcus Streptococus Gram positive bacteria
Listeria monocytogenes Listeria Gram positive bacteria
Streptomyces cuspidosporus Streptomyces Gram positive actinobacteria
cryptococcus magnus cryptococcus Fungi
Toxoplasma gondii Toxoplasma Parasite