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Figure 2

From: Population-level effects of clinical immunity to malaria

Figure 2

Simulation of malaria transmission in a naïve population. We simulated malaria transmission in a population with 95% naïve susceptible and 5% naïve infectious individuals (S N =0.95,I N =0.05,S C =0,I C =0,N=1, α=0.001, γ NN =0.02, γ NC =0.02, γ C =0.005, μ=0.000039, and σ=0.7) under two assumptions of ρ. Panels a and b show ρ=0.5 and panels c and d show ρ=3.5(a) R NN =2>1> R CC =1. (b) 1> R NN =0.75> R CC >0.375. (c) R CC =7> R NN =2>1. (d) R CC =2.625>1> R NN =0.75.

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