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Table 1 S. aureus strains: origin and infection doses

From: Differential arthritogenicity of Staphylococcus aureusstrains isolated from biological samples

Strains Source Inoculum Reference
ATCC 19095 SEC+ Leg abscess of a patient (Albert Merritt Billings Hospital, University of Chicago, 1933) 2.2x107 [19]
N315 ST5 TSST-1+ Pharyngeal smear of a japanese patient, 1982 9.4x107 [20]
S-70 TSST-1+ Secretion of a newborn patient (Botucatu, Brazil, 2007) 7.9x108 [21]
ATCC 51650 TSST-1+ Wound of a patient with nonmenstrual toxic shock syndrome, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 7.8x1011 [22]
ATCC 13565 SEA+ Food poisoning (Vancouver, Wash, 1940) 1.3x107 [23]