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Table 1 Avian strains with high scores

From: Novel bioinformatics strategies for prediction of directional sequence changes in influenza virus genomes and for surveillance of potentially hazardous strains

Point Subtype Year Country Strain name For position
18 H1N1 2009 Canada A/turkey/Ontario/FAV110/2009 a
17 H1N1 2009 Canada A/turkey/Ontario/FAV114-17/2009 a
17 H1N1 1992 USA A/turkey/IA/21089-3/1992 b
17 H1N1 1988 USA A/turkey/NC/17026/1988 b
15 H4N2 2006 USA A/pekin duck/California/P30/2006 c
11 H4N8 2006 Japan A/slaty-backed gull/Japan/6KS0191/2006 d
11 H4N8 2006 Japan A/rufous-necked stint/Japan/6KS0279/2006 d
11 H4N8 2006 Japan A/rufous-necked stint/Japan/6KS0242/2006 d
11 H3N8 2007 USA A/cinnamon teal/California/44287-325/2007 c
11 H1N2 2001 USA A/duck/NC/91347/01 e
10 H6N2 2002 China A/wild duck/Shantou/867/2002 f
10 H4N8 2006 Japan A/slaty-backed gull/Japan/6KS0185/2006 d
10 H3N2 2004 USA A/turkey/Illinois/2004 g
  1. High diagnostic tetranucleotides: AAGU, ACUU, AUCA, AUGA, AUUA, AUUU, CUUU, GGCC, UCAU, UUAA, UUAU, UUCA, and UUUG.
  2. Low diagnostic tetranucleotdes: ACGC, AUUG, CUCC, CUGA, GAGC, GAGG, GCAG, GGAC, UCUU, and UGUG.
  3. The avian strains suspected to be directly transferred from humans or swines were indicated in italic. Other strains were indicated in bold.