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Table 2 Epidemiological state transitions of the event-driven, stochastic model

From: Clostridium difficile exposure as an insidious source of infection in healthcare settings: an epidemiological model

Event Transition probability State change
Antibiotic treatment of uncolonized individual αUδt U-1, U v +1
          exposed individual αEδt E-1, E v +1
          colonized individual αCδt C-1, C v +1
Gut microbiota recovery of uncolonized individual λU v δt U v -1, U+1
            exposed individual λE v δt E v -1, E+1
            colonized individual λC v δt C v -1, C+1
Exposure of individual without recent Ab use β[(C+C v +DQ)U/N]δt U-1, E+1
      individual with recent Ab use β[(C+C v +DQ)U v /N]δt U v -1, E v +1
Colonization of individual without recent Ab use ηEδt E-1, C+1
       individual with recent Ab use ηE v δt E v -1, C v +1
Symptoms develop in indiv. without recent Ab use θCδt C-1, D+1
          individual with recent Ab use θ v Cvδt C v -1, D+1
Symptoms resolve ζDδt D-1, C v +1
Full clearance following treatment (1-σ)ρDδt D-1, U v +1
Treatment does not result in full clearance σρDδt D-1, E v +1