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Figure 6

From: Co-infection of human parvovirus B19 with Plasmodium falciparum contributes to malaria disease severity in Gabonese patients

Figure 6

Phylogenetic analysis of the B19V-NS1/VP1u region. (A) The phylogenetic tree has been inferred from the B19V-NS1/VP1u region (nt 2355 to nt 2690) of 39 B19V-samples. Topology was constructed by MEGA 5.0 software using the Neighbor-joining method with bootstrap values (in percent) indicating numbers from 1,000 replicates tested (values <40 were not shown). Major lineages of B19V are shown as branches. The two major B19V-subtypes 1A and 1B are shown [31]. Scale bar at bottom indicates the number of nucleotide substitutions per site. Patient codes and the corresponding GenBank accession number are denoted (e.g., Af31m(KF309528)). Reference B19V-sequences were GenBank accession No. AB030694, AF113323, M13178 and AF162273 for B19V-genotype 1A, DQ357064, DQ357065, and KF417555 for B19V-genotype 1B, AY064476 and AY044266 for B19V-genotype 2, and AX003421 and AY083234 for B19V-genotype 3. (B) Genetic distance calculation (Kimura two-parameter model) of B19V-strains. Numbers at the left denote patient-specific B19V-strains and B19V-reference strains [Genbank numbers are denoted]: [1] M131178; [2] AB030694; [3] Af21s (KF309511); [4] Af13s (KF309513); [5] Af33s (KF309514); [6] Af34m; [7] Af41s (KF309516); [8] Af22m (KF309508); [9] DQ357064; [10] DQ357065; [11] AY064476; [12] AY044266; [13] Af2m (KF309519); [14] Af37s (KF3095021); [15] Af38s (KF3095020); [16] Af35s (KF3095027); [17] Af39s (KF3095022); [18] Af40s (KF3095026); [19] AY083234; [20] AX003421. B19V-reference strains are genotype 1: [1], [2], genotype 2: [11], [12], and genotype 3: [19], [20]. Boxes represent data of the genetic distance calculation of the same genotype and sub-genotype.

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