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Figure 4

From: Co-infection of human parvovirus B19 with Plasmodium falciparum contributes to malaria disease severity in Gabonese patients

Figure 4

Hematocrit levels of co-infected B19V/ P. falciparum and mono-infected P. falciparum patients. (A) Hematocrit levels of mono-infected P. falciparum (white box) and B19V/P. falciparum co-infected (grey box) are denoted. (B) Hematocrit levels of mild and severe malaria patients are shown. In mild malaria patients, the hematocrit level co-infected with B19V/P. falciparum patients was significantly lower in comparison to mono-infected P. falciparum patients. P<0.05 values are statistically significant (Mann–Whitney U test).

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