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Figure 1

From: Co-infection of human parvovirus B19 with Plasmodium falciparum contributes to malaria disease severity in Gabonese patients

Figure 1

Qualitative assessment of B19V genomes in Gabonese children with P. falciparum . (A) Representative samples of the qualitative detection of B19V-DNA in serum of P. falciparum malaria patients using nPCR (lanes 4 to 15). DNA size marker, positive control, and negative control are shown in lane 1, 2 and 3, respectively. (B) B19V sequences of B19V-positive patients were aligned with reference B19V sequences using CLUSTALW (, BioEdit (, and GENEDOC_2.5 ( [GenBank accession No. genotype 1A: M13178, genotype 1B: DQ357064, genotype 2: AY064476 and AY044266; and genotype 3: AX003421, AY083234]. Sequence homologies are denoted as dots and nucleotide exchanges are shown in letters. The ruler at top of the sequences is numbered according to the B19V-NS1/VP1 sequences (nt 1 correspond to nt 2355).

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