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Figure 3

From: Nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain containing-like receptor family, caspase recruitment domain (CARD) containing 4 (NLRC4) regulates intrapulmonary replication of aerosolized Legionella pneumophila

Figure 3

Lung mRNA transcriptome after aerosolized Lp infection. Whole lung RNA was isolated 4 hours following Lp infection of WT and Nlrc4−/− mice and analyzed for differential expression compared to uninfected controls by exon array analysis. 2 mice were analyzed per condition. Venn diagrams of genes increased (A) and decreased (B) compared to uninfected controls are depicted. Significantly different genes induced or suppressed by Lp infection in WT and Nlrc4−/− lungs are listed in Additional file 1: Table S1 and Additional file 2: Table S2 respectively. 3 genes were significantly increased or decreased in WT versus Nlrc4−/− lungs (Table 1). Significant difference in genes was determined by general linear model using a false discovery rate of 0.05 (see methods).

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