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Table 1 Unit costs of key consumables and equipment*

From: Comparison of laboratory costs of rapid molecular tests and conventional diagnostics for detection of tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa

Consumables Unit (quantity) Unit cost $US
NALC/NAOH Kit per Sample $1.73
N95 Mask per Box(100) $55.19
ZN stain per liter $4.87
Auramine-O per liter $4.67
Methylene blue per liter $3.26
Potassium permanganate Per liter $3.22
AFB fixative per 100 ml $8.52
PANTA one box(100) $89.07
MGIT growth supplement one box(100) $70.80
Anti-MPB64 Capilia TB Neo per test $1.69
MGIT Tube per Box(100) $195.00
SIRE kit per kit (35) $127.50
MTBDR rif kit per kit (96) $917.42
Xpert MTB/Rif cartridge per cartridge $9.98
Centrifuge plus accessories per Instrument $22,439
Vortex per Instrument $304
Biosafety cabinet per Instrument $3,190
Biosafety cabinet filter replacement yearly $1,608
Biosafety cabinet decontamination q 6months $156
Light microscope per Instrument $3,409
LED microscope per Instrument $4580
Bactec MGIT 960 per Instrument $38,950.00
Epicenter software -- $12,500.00
Barcode scanner per Instrument $158.30
Thermocycler per Instrument $5,621.18
Ultrasonicator per Instrument $1,596.42
GTBLOT maintenance semi-annual $487.08
GT BLOT per Instrument $17,557.40
UPS (power supply) per Instrument $137.24
Xpert instrument per Instrument $17,000.00
Xpert calibration per 1800 runs $1,800.00
  1. *Not all items are shown. Additional minor consumables and equipment costs included but were not limited to costs associated with gloves, disposable gowns, pipettes and pipetters and tips, computers and supplies, soap and disinfectant, waste disposal including biohazard bags, microscopy slides, and other common microbiology supplies.