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Table 1 Viral origins of the (H6-ED3-PhoA) 2 dimers

From: Cross-reactivities between human IgMs and the four serotypes of dengue virus as probed with artificial homodimers of domain-III from the envelope proteins

Virus Strain Genbank No E residues
DENV1 FGA/89 AF226687 295-400
DENV2 Jamaica/N.1409 M20558 295-400
DENV3 PaH881/88 AF349753 293-398
DENV4 ThD4-0113-76 AY618949 295-400
  1. The last column gives the residues of the viral E protein present in the H6-ED3-PhoA hybrid. The codons in the recombinant genes were synonymous but not necessarily identical with those in the original viral genomes.