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Table 2 Supply and demand module: user inputs for demand parameters

From: Modeling the public health impact of malaria vaccines for developers and policymakers

Parameter name Definition Input values
Year of vaccine approval The user determines the year of approval by a national regulatory authority (NRA) and World Health Organization (WHO) prequalification, which are assurances of vaccine quality as a prerequisite for availability. The user then selects whether NRA approval or WHO pre-qualification is required by each country. Year
Years between vaccine approval and country adoption Identifies time between the first year that a vaccine is available and the year that each country implements a vaccine. Number of years
Maximum coverage Describes the largest percentage of the target population reached in each country. The user can either define the percentage reached, or use the default settings referencing the actual coverage levels of other vaccines. %
Years for each country to reach maximum coverage Describes the number of years between implementation and achievement of maximum coverage. Number of years
Number of doses per regimen Describes the number of doses required to fully vaccinate each person at efficacy levels described under the public health impact module. 3 or 4
Vaccine wastage Describes the proportion of doses that will not be administered. Vaccine wastage is a percentage set by the user, but suggestions are provided in the MVM based on the number of doses per vial, according to WHO projected vaccine wastage (; accessed: 2011 Apr 28). The model does not take buffer stock (a one-time 25% increase of vaccine doses distributed in a logistics system in the first year of implementation) into account. %
Target population The age group in which the vaccine is used: infants (represented by the annual birth cohort for each country), 5-17 month olds, 1 year olds (yos), 0-4 yos, 1-4 yos, 1-39 yos, 5-39 yos, or the total population Age range
Product preference In the case of multiple available vaccines, the user may model scenarios in which particular countries prefer one vaccine over another. Product name
Maximum acceptable price The maximum price a country is willing to pay for a vaccine. USD