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Table 1 Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) diagnoses related to interventions and outcomes assessments

From: Use of behavioral economics and social psychology to improve treatment of acute respiratory infections (BEARI): rationale and design of a cluster randomized controlled trial [1RC4AG039115-01] - study protocol and baseline practice and provider characteristics

Diagnoses ICD9-CM Used to trigger decision support
Non-antibiotic appropriate ARI diagnoses (Included in Peer Comparison and Primary Outcome Assessment)
  Acute nasopharyngitis (common cold) 460 Non-specific URI
  Acute laryngitis and tracheitis 464, 464.0, 464.00, 464.1, 464.10, 464.2, 464.20, 464.4, 464.50 Non-specific URI
  Acute laryngeopharyngitis/acute upper respiratory infection 465, 465.0, 465.8, 465.9 Non-specific URI
  Acute bronchitis 466, 466.0, 466.1, 466.11, 466.19 Acute bronchitis
  Bronchitis not specified as acute or chronic 490 Acute bronchitis
  Influenza 487, 487.1, 487.8 Influenza
Potentially antibiotic appropriate ARI Diagnoses (Included in Secondary Outcome Assessment)
  Acute sinusitis 461.xx Acute sinusitis/rhinosinusitis
  Acute pharyngitis 462 Acute pharyngitis
Other ARIs diagnoses or symptoms of interest (Included in Secondary Outcome Assessment)*
  Streptococcal sore throat 034.0 Acute pharyngitis
  Cough 786.2 Acute bronchitis
  1. * Only additional diagnoses triggering clinical decision support are included here. Additional diagnoses included in the secondary outcomes are listed in Additional file 2: Appendix E.