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Figure 1

From: Effects of infection and disease with Mycobacterium tuberculosison serum antibody to glucan and arabinomannan: two surface polysaccharides of this pathogen

Figure 1

Panel A shows antibody titers against glucan and panel B shows antibody titers against arabinomannan. KW is Kruskal-Wallis and significant P values are indicated for across group comparisons. Significant results for Dunn’s post-hoc analysis between groups are indicated by asterisks (within a test, groups with the same number of asterisks are significantly [p<0.05] different from each other). Group 0 is not infected and not exposed; group 1 is exposed, not infected; group 2 is latent tuberculosis; group 3 is active tuberculosis; and group 4 is previously documented active tuberculosis without evidence of current disease.

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