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Table 4 History of the three previously treated patients

From: Resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to antibiotics in Lao PDR: first multicentric study conducted in 3 hospitals

  Patient number (hospital)
  454 (MV) 165 (LP) 175 (TK)
Gender / age (years) M / 54 M / 82 F / 31
date of 1st diagnosis of TB 2003 2004 2004
1st anti-TB regimen 2RHZE/6HE 2RHZE/6HE 2RHZE/6HE
Outcome of 1st TB treatment recovery recovery failure
Date of TB relapse 2010 2012 2007
Date of initiation of treatment 2012 a 2007
Current anti-TB regimen 2RHZES a 2RHZES/6RHZE
Duration of treatment 2 months a 8 months + H 3 years
Compliance with TB treatment unknown a high
Clinical response to treatment poor a poor (b)
  1. a: the patient died before the culture results and did not receive the second-line treatment.
  2. b: chronic pulmonary tuberculosis resistant to treatment.