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Table 1 Frequency of past and recent dengue infection among parturients and the umbilical cord sera and the Kappa agreement for IgG placental transfer

From: Prevalence and incidence of dengue virus and antibody placental transfer during late pregnancy in central Brazil

Dengue infection Parturients Cord serum Kappa
(n = 505) (n = 505)
Past Infection    
IgG positive (95% CI) 53.9% (49.4–58.3) 55.0% (50.6–59.4)* 0.96
Recent infection    
IgM**positive and RT-PCR detection (95% CI) 2.8% (1.4–4.4) 0% na
  1. * IgG placental transfer.
  2. **IgM positivity: commercial and in house ELISA tests.
  3. na; not applicable.