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Table 1 Differentially regulated miRNA in low and high viral load groups compared to uninfected control group using two different software with statistical significance

From: MicroRNA regulation and its effects on cellular transcriptome in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1) infected individuals with distinct viral load and CD4 cell counts

  Differentially regulated miRNA+/- 2-fold p < 0.05 Differentially regulated miRNA+/- 2-fold p < 0.01
  DataAssist StatMiner Common DataAssist StatMiner Common
vs. LVL
38 41 21 8 14 8
vs. HVL
244 218 191 163 137 118
LVL vs. HVL 183 182 158 90 99 80
  1. Comparative analysis of significantly differentially regulated miRNAs between Statminer (Integromics) and DataAssist (Applied Biosystems). For both analyses, RNU44, RNU48, and ath-miR-159 controls were eliminated from the analysis. For DataAssist, all miRNAs with CT valve of <40 were considered.