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Table 1 Determinants associated with influenza vaccination uptake among health care workers (HCWs) resulting from the needs assessment

From: Planning and process evaluation of a multi-faceted influenza vaccination implementation strategy for health care workers in acute health care settings

Determinants Odds ratio Changeabilitya Category Target groupb
   Age >40 years 2.65 - Not applicable Not applicable
   Chronic illness 3.37 - Not applicable Not applicable
   Aware of personal risk for influenza infection 2.80 + Knowledge 2
   Aware of risk of infecting patients 2.54 + Knowledge 2
   ‘Vaccination reduces risk of infecting patients’ 3.68 + Knowledge 2
   ‘Vaccination is useful despite the constant flow of visitors’ 1.88 + Knowledge 2
   Aware of the contents of the Health Council’s Advice 2.41 + Knowledge 2
   ‘HCWsc should get vaccinated to ensure continuity of care’ 2.15 + Common interest 3
   ‘HCWs should get vaccinated because of their duty to do no harm’ 2.22 + Common interest 3
   ‘People around me think it is important for me to get vaccinated’ 1.74 +/- Social impact 3
   ‘I would definitively get vaccinated if it was available at a convenient time’ 28.91 + Organizational 1,2,3
  1. a - : not changeable, + : changeable as discussed in our 10-person research team under supervision of a communication expert.
  2. b Target group 1: HCWs who deliberately comply with vaccination.
  3. Target group 2: HCWs who deliberately do not comply with vaccination.
  4. Target group 3: HCWs who unintentionally do not comply with vaccination.
  5. c HCWs: health care workers.