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Figure 2

From: Boceprevir for previously untreated patients with chronic hepatitis C Genotype 1 infection: a US-based cost-effectiveness modeling study

Figure 2

Cumulative risk of developing HCV liver-related complications, by SPRINT-2 Treatment Strategy, over time. DC – decompensated cirrhosis; HCC – hepatocellular carcinoma; LT – liver transplantation; LD – liver-related death; PR48 – peginterferon-ribavirin regimen for 48 weeks; BOC/RGT – peginterferon-ribavirin and boceprevir for 24 weeks, and those with a detectable hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA level between weeks 8 and 24 received peginterferon–ribavirin from week 28 to week 48; BOC/PR48 –peginterferon–ribavirin for 48 weeks and boceprevir for 44 weeks.

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