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Table 1 Description of vaginal lactobacilli as determined by culture- and PCR-based identification

From: Lactobacillusspecies isolated from vaginal secretions of healthy and bacterial vaginosis-intermediate Mexican women: a prospective study

Isolate Age of participant n = 21 Lactobacillusgroup Genetic ID Nugent score Co-infecting microorganism (s)
Clinical isolates with Lactobacillus group n = 25
003-051-PCP-a† 32 acidophilus L. gasseri N  
003-051-PCP-b   L. gasseri N  
003-056-PAG-a‡ 22 L. gasseri N Uu
003-056-PAG-b   L. gasseri N Uu
003-020-JPG† 26 L. gasseri N  
003-022-KCA-a‡ 23 L. gasseri I Uu + Ca
003-009-YTG† 27 L. gasseri N  
003-028-SGT‡ 48 L. jensenii N Uu
003-006-MAH† 22 L. jensenii N  
003-022-KCA-b   L. jensenii I Uu + Ca
003-069-MFA-a† 20 L. jensenii N  
003-052-LSC-a† 23 L. crispatus N  
003-047-CMM† 36 L. crispatus N  
003-015-PBS† 22 L. crispatus N  
003-021-BVM-a‡ 21 reuteri L. fermentum N Uu
003-021-BVM-b   L. fermentum N Uu
003-069-MFA-b   L. fermentum N  
003-069-MFA-c   L. fermentum N  
003-017-LHH† 50 L. fermentum N  
003-043-BNT‡ 26 L. fermentum N Gv
001-JMB211‡ 38 casei L. rhamnosus N Ca
001-SMT40-a†¥ 49 L. rhamnosus N  
001-SMT40-b¥   L. rhamnosus N  
001-SMT40-c   L. rhamnosus N  
003-052-LSC-b   buchneri L. brevis N  
Strains without Lactobacillus group, n = 6
003-025-COM† 38   L sp. N  
003-002-PBT-a‡ 25   E. faecalis* I Uu + Ct
003-002-PBT-b    E. faecalis* I Uu + Ct
003-036-MSH† 49   E. faecalis* ND  
003-029-MNG‡ 45   E. faecalis* N Uu
003-013-AMD‡ 28   E. faecalis* N Uu
Reference strains, n = 3
L. brevis 95b NA buchneri L. brevis NA NA
L. brevis 95a NA   L. brevis NA NA
L. acidophilus ENCB   acidophilus L. jensenii NA NA
  1. Normal = 0–3 (N), intermediate = 4–6 (I), Ct = Chlamydia trachomatis, Uu = Ureaplasma urealyticum, Gv = Gardnerella vaginalis, Ca = Candida spp., NA = not applicable, ND not determined. *presumptive identification. healthy, unhealthy. ¥001-SMT40-a and 001-SMT-b are clones. 001-SMT40, 003-017-LHH and 003-036-MSH samples were from postmenopausal women.