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Table 1 Sexual behaviour characteristics of individuals comprising the model population, based on results from Bryant et al.[10], unless otherwise specified

From: Population movement can sustain STI prevalence in remote Australian indigenous communities

Sexual behaviour parameters Value
Proportion of individuals that can only form regular partnerships 0.365
Proportion of individuals allowed to form casual partnerships who can have casual and regular partner at the same time 0.276
Proportion of individuals that seek more than 1 partner in 6 months 0.4
Length of average regular partnership 2 years
Probability of condom use per act (neither partner have symptoms)
   Regular partnerships 0.206
   Casual partnerships 0.392
Probability of condom use per act (when at least one partner has symptoms)
   Regular partnerships 0.567
   Casual partnerships 0.801
Frequency of sex (number of sex acts per week) 3 (assumption based on data for the general Australian population [11])