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Figure 1

From: Eyebrow hairs from actinic keratosis patients harbor the highest number of cutaneous human papillomaviruses

Figure 1

Concordance of HPV infections. Concordant infections of HPV positive specimens with at least 1–6 cutaneous HPV types in eyebrow hairs, actinic keratosis (AK), and normal skin are presented. The overall agreements of four combinations are shown with different definitions of concordance. Specimens were classified as concordance if they contained the same HPV of at least one HPV type, two types et cetera. The overall HPV agreement of at least one HPV type was 81-93%, and of at least two HPV types was 42-54% of all 4 combinations, respectively. The kappa values calculated with all 75 specimens of at least one (≥1) and two (≥2) type(s) in common of hairs versus AK was 0.314 (95% CI: 0.167-0.460) and 0.321 (95% CI: 0.178-0.463) (fair agreement), hairs versus normal skin was 0.217 (95% CI: 0.099-0.335) and 0.259 (95% CI: 0.129-0.390) (fair agreement), and AK versus normal skin was 0.692 (95% CI: 0.527-0.856) and 0.621 (95% CI: 0.410-0.833) (good agreement). No., numbers.

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