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Figure 2

From: Inactivation of an enterovirus by airborne disinfectants

Figure 2

Infectious titers of dried poliovirus inocula after exposure to airborne disinfectant. 50 μL of culture supernatant fluids containing poliovirus supplemented with 5% milk were applied on stainless carriers in duplicate. They were dried and afterwards exposed to airborne disinfectant products containing peracetic acid 1260 ppm (ASEPTANIOS AD) and 2500 ppm (ASEPTANIOS OXY+) or not exposed (control). The disinfectant products were diffused in the room during 30 minutes. Thereafter 60 and 120 min following the diffusion of disinfectants (90 and 150 min after drying respectively), the carrier surface was scrubbed with a wet flocked swab to recover the iconulum that was then resuspended in culture medium (1 mL) again. The medium was filtrated through a column to eliminate the cytotoxic disinfectant products. Afterwards the infectious titer was determined. The results, expressed as Log10 TCID50.mL-1, are the mean + S.D of two experiments.

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