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Table 1 Description of skin and soft tissue infection identification algorithms evaluated

From: Use of electronic health record data to identify skin and soft tissue infections in primary care settings: a validation study

Test criteria Definition of true positive
Any of the following criteria: Any SSTI present
 SSTI ICD-9 code
 Incision and drainage CPT code
 Positive wound culture
SSTI ICD-9 code Any SSTI present
Cellulitis/Abscess ICD-9 code Cellulitis and/or abscess present
Cellulitis/Abscess ICD-9 code, body site specific Cellulitis and/or abscess present at body site indicated by ICD-9 code
  1. Note: SSTI, skin and soft tissue infection; ICD-9, International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision; CPT, current procedural terminology.