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Table 1 Main characteristics of 14 cases with skeletal cryptococcosis

From: Cryptococcosis of lumbar vertebra in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma: case report and literature review

Case no./Reference Age (yr)/sex Underlying diseases Immunosuppressive therapy Bones and joints Treatment Outcome Follow up
1/[15] 27/F Lymphocytopenia None Left iliac crest, left acetabulum, left femur Surgery, amphotericin B, fluconazole, itraconazole Alive (good health) 12 months
2/[18] 24/F Sarcoidosis None T1, T2, T3 Percutaneous puncture drainage, fluconazole, flucytosine, amphotericin B Alive (no relapse) 16 months
3/[14] 42/M Diabetes mellitus, renal transplantation Prednisone, azathioprine, prograf Left elbow joint, left wrist joint Sugery, fluconazole Alive (complete resolution) 6 months
4/[5] 24/F Tuberculosis None T2, T3, left 3th rib Surgery, fluconazole, amphotericin B Died 2 weeks after the surgery None
5/[19] 20/M Sarcoidosis Prednisone T12, L1, L2 Fluconazole Alive (asymptomatic) 6 months
6/[17] 22/M None None Left 9th rib Surgery, fluconazole, amphotericin B Alive (normal) 12 months
7/[20] 19/F Sarcoidosis Prednisone Left humeral head Fluconazole, amphotericin B Alive (lesion smaller) 1 month
8/[21] 84/F Bullous pemphigoid, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, congestive heart failure, hypothyroidism, hypercholesterolemia, atrial fibrillation, degenerative joint disease Prednisone, azathioprine Proximal phalanx, intermediate phalanx Fluconazole, amphotericin B, flucytosine Died (The cause of death was unknown, and no autopsy was performed.) None
9/[16] 34/F None None L4, L5 Percutaneous puncture drainage, fluconazole Alive (full recovery ) None (lost to follow-up)
10/[9] 38/F Lymphocytopenia None Skull vault Fluconazole Alive (eradicate the infection) None (not mentioned)
11/[22] 54/F None None Right frontal bone Surgery, fluconazole, flucytosine, amphotericin B Alive (asymptomatic) 6 weeks
12/[24] 38/M Testicular cancer, sarcoidosis None Left clavicle Surgery, fluconazole Alive None (not mentioned)
13/[23] 35/M Tuberculosis, HIV None Left humerus. Left radius, left ulna, left 5th metacarpal Sugery, fluconazole, amphotericin B Alive (improved markedly) 19 months
14* 40/F Rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma# None L4 Fluconazole Alive (no relapse) 12 months
  1. * Present case. # The scleroderma was diagnosed after the therapy with FLC for 3 months.