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Table 3 Distribution of IFN-γ levels for the antigens associated with statistically different cytokine production between groups at 5% level

From: Differential cellular recognition pattern to M. tuberculosis targets defined by IFN-γ and IL-17 production in blood from TB + patients from Honduras as compared to health care workers: TB and immune responses in patients from Honduras

Antigen Groups P-value
Rv1886c Group1 vs Group2 0.050
Rv1886c Group1 vs Group3 0.029
Rv0288 Group1 vs Group3 0.030
Rv0288 Group2 vs Group3 0.027
Rv0978c Group1 vs Group3 0.003
Rv0978c Group2 vs Group3 0.002
Rv1917c Group1 vs Group3 0.005
Rv1917c Group2 vs Group3 0.008
  1. Differences in IFN-γ between groups were examined using a t-test; adjustment for multiplicity was applied on the resulting p-values from the tests. (group 1: TB+, AFS and culture positive, 2: other pulmonary diseases, no exposure records to TB, 3: health care workers, frequently exposed to M.tb, yet clinically healthy). Only statistically relevant differences are listed.