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Table 1 Summary of M.tb test targets

From: Differential cellular recognition pattern to M. tuberculosis targets defined by IFN-γ and IL-17 production in blood from TB + patients from Honduras as compared to health care workers: TB and immune responses in patients from Honduras

Gene locus RefSeq M.tbAntigens aa Comment
Rv0447c NP854118 (Pool 1) Probable cyclopropane fatty acyl phospholipid synthase. 427 Methyl transferase activity. Cyclopropane fatty acyl phospholipid synthase activity. Lipid biosynthetic process [17, 18]
Rv2940c YP_976584 (Pool 2) Mycocerosic acid synthase 2111 Lipid biosynthetic process. Oxido-reduction and transferase activity, Cofactor binding. Location at the cell wall. [17, 1923]
Rv3347c YP_177963 (Pool 3) PPE family protein 3157 Function unknown. Gly-Ala-Asn rich protein, interacts with the host system by inhibition of antigen processing. [18, 2326]
Rv2453c CAA16030 (Pool 4) Probable molybdopterin-guanine dinucleotide biosynthesis Protein A 201 Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis. Molecular function as GTP binding. Located at the cytoplasm membrane. [18, 23, 24, 27]
Rv1886c CAB10044 (Pool 5) Antigen 85B 325 Fibronectin binding protein. Acyltransferase activity. Secreted protein, also located at cell wall, plasma membrane. [18, 2831]
Rv1690 CAB10947 (Pool 6) Probable lipoprotein 127 Putative uncharacterized protein. Protein binding, cellular component plasma membrane.[18, 24, 32]
Rv3019c CAA16104 (Pool 7) ESAT-6 like protein 96 Belongs to ESAT-6 (esx) family, Protein-protein interaction [18, 24]
Rv2957 CAB05419 (Pool 8) PGL/p-HBAD biosynthesis glycosyltrans-ferase MT3031 256 Glycosyl transferase activity, transferring hexosyl groups. Glycolipid biosynthetic function. Identified as a drug target. [18, 24, 30, 33, 34]
Rv1085c CAA17201 (Pool 9) UPF0073 membrane protein 242 Belongs to the UPF0073 (HIy-III) family. Cytolysis. Sub cellular location in cell membrane [18, 24]
Rv0066c CAA16247 (Pool 10) Isocitrate dehydrogenase, NADP-dependent- icd2. 745 Oxidoreductase function. NAD or NADH binding. Isocitrate dehidrogenase (NADP+) activity. Magnesium ion binding. Protein homodimerization. [18, 2224, 35, 36]
Rv2958c CAB05418 (Pool 11) PGL/p-HBAD biosynthesis glycosyltrans-ferase 428 Glycolipid biosynthetic process, pathogenesis, Glycosyl transferase activity. Immune evasion or - tolerance [18, 22, 24, 33, 37]
Rv2962c CAB05415 (Pool 12) PGL/p-HBAD biosynthesis rhamnosyl-transferase 449 Glycolipid biosynthetic process, pathogenesis. Glycosyl transferase activity. Evasion or tolerance concerning to the host immune response. [18, 22, 24, 30, 33, 37]
Rv3804c/1886 CAA17868/CAB10044 Ag85A/Ag85B Fibronecting binding protein peptide pool 338/325 Belongs to the Ag85 family, contains Esterase D. Possesses mycolyl transferase activity. [28, 29, 3841]
Rv3804c CAA17868 Ag85A. Secreted antigen 85A. Mycolyl transferase 85A. fbpA. Ag85 complex 338 Responsible for high affinity of mycobacteria to fibronectin. Possesses mycolyl transferase for biogenesis of trehalose dimycolate. [22, 23, 29, 30, 3840, 4244]
Rv1886c CAB10044 Ag85B. Secreted antigen 85B. Mycolyl transferase 85B. fbpB. Ag85 complex 325 Fibronectin binding protein. Acyltransferase activity. Response to antibiotic. Secreted protein also located at cell wall, extracellular region. [2830, 36, 38, 40, 41, 45]
Rv3875 CAA56099 ESAT-6. 6 KDa early secretory antigenic target. esxA 95 Function unknown. Elicit high level of IFNgamma during the first phase of protective immune response. Secreted protein, cell wall and cytoplasm. [4654]
Rv3874 CAA17966 CFP-10. 10 KDa culture filtrate antigen 100 ESAT-6 like protein esxB. Forms a tight 1:1 complex with EsxA. Protein binding. Host cell surface binding. Pathogenesis. Protein secretion. [22, 4749, 51, 53, 54]
Rv0754 CAE55319 PE_PGR11. PE-PGRS family protein 584 Member of M.tb PE family. PGRS subfamily gly-rich proteins. Unknown function. Protein existence predicted. [18, 21]
Rv0978c CAE55343 PE_PGR17. PE-PGRS family protein 331 Member of M.tb PE family. PGRS subfamily gly-rich proteins. Unknown function. Protein existence predicted. [18, 55, 56]
Rv1917c CAE55440 PPE34. PPE family protein 1459 Member of M.tb PPE family. Glycin rich proteins. Unknown function. [18, 57]
Rv0288 CAA17363 TB10.4. Low molecular weight protein. (M.tb) 96 Belongs to theESAT-6 (esx) family. Molecular function protein binding. Involved in virulence. Immunogenic. [18, 24, 5861]