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Table 1 MSIR transmission model parameters, values, and sources

From: Effects of an ageing population and the replacement of immune birth cohorts on the burden of hepatitis A in the Netherlands

Parameter Value Reference
α – rate of loss of maternal immunity 1/α = 9 months Lieberman et al. [13]
Ψ – proportion of babies born with maternal immunity 0.13 (males) 0.17 (females) Pienter study (de Melker et al.[11]; van den Hof et al.[12])
γ – rate of recovery from infection 1/ γ = 5 weeks Leach [10]
ϕ – proportion of travel-related cases (used during fitting only) 0.356 van der Eerden et al. [8]
βdom,a (t) – transmission rate (domestic), t=2000, for age-groups {<1, 1–4, 5–9, 10–14, 15–19, 20–24, 25–29, 30–34, 35–39, 40–59, 60+} {0.114,20.5,41.0,27.3,9.11, 0.114,0.114,0.455,6.83, 4.55,9.11} Estimated
βtrav (t) – transmission rate (travel-related), t=2000, age-independent 0.0000505 Estimated
λa(t) – force of infection, age-group specific: sum of domestic and travel-related transmission: λdom,a(t)+ λtrav(t) λ dom , a t = β dom , a t j I j t j N j t
λ trav (t) = β trav (t)
Srinivasa Rao et al. [18]
b – birth rate Sex and year dependent; age group <1 only Estimated from data held by Statistics Netherlands
η – net rate of demographic factors (mortality, immigration, emigration) Sex, age-group, and year dependent Estimated from data held by Statistics Netherlands