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Table 1 Simulation input parameters

From: Finding and removing highly connected individuals using suboptimal vaccines

Population size 100,000 individuals
Index cases 100 index cases
Latency duration 12 days (gamma distributed; C.V. = 18%)
Prodromal fever duration 3 days (constant)
Early rash duration 3 days (constant)
Middle rash duration 3 days (constant)
Late rash duration 16 days (constant)
Observation duration 21 days (constant)
Case detection unobserved cases: 2 days after onset of early rash (constant)
observed cases: immediately after onset of prodromal fever
Case isolation capacity 500 units
Contact tracing finds 100% of close contacts
10% (maximum: 20 per case) of casual contacts
Case isolation prevents 100% of close contacts
100% of casual contacts
Seclusion prevents 50% of close contacts
100% of casual contacts
Case fatality ratio 30% (after early rash)