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Table 3 Health Department Costs and Budgetary Impact Per Year (500 Referrals)

From: QuantiFERON-TB gold in-tube implementation for latent tuberculosis diagnosis in a public health clinic: a cost-effectiveness analysis

BCHD TB Control Program Costs Standard Strategy QFT-GIT Strategy Incremental
Referrals per year 500 500  
Total QFT-GIT testing costs per year $0.00 $21755.00 $21755.00
Total LTBI treatment and monitoring costs per year $137695.00 $104495.00 -$33200.00
Total LTBI-care costs per year $137695.00 $126250.00 -$11445.00
Total active TB costs per year* $42270.00 $58770.00 $16500.00
Net costs $179965.00 $185020.00 $5060.00
  1. *Active TB costs attributable to individuals referred to the BCHD TB Control Program who go on to develop active TB disease later in life using a 5 year analytic time horizon; future costs were discounted at 3%. Without discounting, the costs would be $49,005 and $68,135 for the Standard and QFT-GIT strategies, respectively.