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Table 1 Clinical scoring system for mice infected with Clostridium difficile

From: Adenosine A2A receptor activation reduces recurrence and mortality from Clostridium difficileinfection in mice following vancomycin treatment

Category Scores*
  0 1 2 3
Activity normal Alert/slow moving Lethargic/shaky Inactive unless prodded
Posture normal Back slanted Hunched Hunched/nose down
Coat normal Piloerection Rough skin Very ruffled/puff/ Ungroomed
Diarrhea normal Soft stool/discolored (yellowish) Wet stained tail/ mucous +/- blood Liquid/no stool (ileus)
Eyes/Nose normal Squinted ½ closed Squinted/discharge Closed/discharge
  1. *Clinical Score=sum of all parameter scores. Total possible score=15. Normal=0; Found dead=15.