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Table 2 Comparison of school-based with clinic-based indicators

From: Teacher led school-based surveillance can allow accurate tracking of emerging infectious diseases - evidence from serial cross-sectional surveys of febrile respiratory illness during the H1N1 2009 influenza pandemic in Singapore

Summary measure School type Clinic-based indicators† School-based indicators, per 100 school children‡
   GP-ILI GP* Lab-ILI Sch-LCC Sch-FRI Sch-FRI-adj
Cumulative incidence in entire period Pri 34 21 0.24 32 25
  Sec 19 13 0.25 36 25
Cumulative incidence up to week 30 Pri 17 10 0.15 15 13
  Sec 10 6.9 0.20 19 15
Fraction of cumulative incidence occurring up to week 30 Pri 50% 49% 63% 48% 51%
  Sec 52% 52% 79% 53% 61%
  1. All data has been rounded off to 2 significant figures.
  2. †Incidence data for GP-ILI is expressed as the number of ILI consults per GP per week, while that for GP*Lab-ILI is the number of ILI consults per GP per week attributable to pdmH1N1, as derived by multiplying GP-ILI with the weekly proportion of ILI samples positive for pdmH1N1.
  3. ‡Sch-LCC is based on notifications of laboratory confirmed cases of pdmH1N1 by all schools, Sch-FRI is self-reported febrile respiratory illness in the 6 sentinel schools, and Sch-FRI-adj is Sch-FRI adjusted to remove possible contribution from non-pdmH1N1 causes using FRI incidence from week 38 as a proxy for baseline incidence.