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Table 2 Model parameters

From: The role of cellular immunity in Influenza H1N1 population dynamics

Parameter Description Baseline values Reference
R 0 Basic reproduction number 1.4 (range: 1.25−1.8) [10, 2124]
δ p Reduction in susceptibility of S p 0−1 (0.48 in simulations) [11]
δ a Reduction in transmissibility of A s and A p 0.5 [25]
p s Fraction of E s that become symptomatic 0.6 [25, 26]
p p Fraction of E p that become symptomatic 0.3 Assumption
1/γ s Exposed period of E s 1.5 (days)−1 [27]
1/γ p Exposed period of E p 1.5, 2.6, 4.3, 6 (days)−1 [10]
1/α s Infectious period of I s and A s 5 (days)−1 [25, 26, 28, 29]
1/α p Infectious period of I p and A p varied in simulations [10]
β Baseline transmission rate variable Estimated from R 0
    expression in (3)
  1. Description of parameters with their values and ranges extracted from the published literature.