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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Association between tumor necrosis factor alpha-238G/a polymorphism and tuberculosis susceptibility: a meta-analysis study

Author Country (ethnicity) Cases/controls Diagnosis of cases Selection of controls
Selvaraj India (Asian) 210/120 Smear, culture, radiological, clinical response confirmed PTB Normal healthy spouses and Tuberculosis Research Centre staff, ethnicity and area of residence matched
Fitness Malawi (African) 181/533 Smear, culture, histology confirmed TB, HIV negative No history or symptom of TB; not first or second degree relatives of the cases; age, sex and area of residence matched
Vejbaesya Thailand (Asian) 149/147 Smear, culture, clinical and radiological response confirmed PTB, HIV negative Unrelated healthy blood bank donors
Ates Turkey (Caucasian) 128/80 Smear, culture, pathological, radiological , clinical response confirmed PTB,EPTB No history of TB noted on chest radiography, age and sex matched
Trajkov Republic of Macedonia (Caucasian) 75/301 Smear/culture confirmed PTB No family history of TB, nationality and area of residence matched
Merza Iran (Asian) 117/60 Smear and radiological confirmed PTB Nurses, doctors and TB staff with no laboratory or clinical sign of diseases development, age, sex and nationality matched
Sharma India (Asian) 185/155 Smear, culture, histology, radiological , clinical response confirmed PTB,EPTB,HIV negative without chronic illness Without a family history of TB or any other related disease and a possibility of a latent tuberculosis infection, socioeconomic status and ethnicity matched
Anoosheh Iran (Asian) 93/103 Smear and culture confirmed PTB No history of TB
Lin China (Asian) 46/40 Pathological examination and clinical response confirmed EPTB NR
  1. *NR=not reported; HIV = human immunodeficiency virus; PTB= pulmonary tuberculosis; TB = tuberculosis; EPTB= extrapulmonary tuberculosis; HWE= Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium.